This blog reflects both our ongoing scholarly interest in the grammar of ancient Hebrew (biblical and non-biblical) and our strong collaborative research relationship (which began in 1996 in grad school at UW-Madison). It provides us with an outlet (read excuse) to formulate our thinking on various grammatical topics outside the confines of traditional academic venues.

For information on John Cook, see here and now here .

For information on Robert Holmstedt, see here and now here.

Our posts represent the various grammatical issues that are currently holding our attention, whether they are components of journal articles, drafts of encyclopedia entries, or seeds for future research projects. It would not surprise us if they all eventually found their way into the reference grammar we have been discussing for a decade.

We invite comments to our posts. We welcome input on lacunae in our bibliography, suggestions regarding additional relevant verses or future expansion of the topic. However, we cannot commit to extensive engagements in the comment threads, primarily because this blog remains secondary to our major research projects even as it may feed those projects.

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