Biblical Hebrew Textbooks

May 2013

We are happy to announce the publication of our introductory textbook by Baker Academic.


Here is the description from the Baker site (go here for more):

This innovative textbook by two leading experts in Biblical Hebrew combines the best of traditional grammars, new insights into Hebrew linguistics, and a creative pedagogical approach. The material has been field tested and refined for more than a decade by the authors, who are actively engaged in teaching Biblical Hebrew and in scholarly discussions and research.

Beginning Biblical Hebrew includes fifty brief grammar lessons with accompanying workbook-style exercises, appendixes providing more detailed explanations, and a full-color reader-bound at the back of the book for right-to-left reading-that incorporates comics, line drawings, and numerous exercises, all in Hebrew. The work offers a realistic approach to beginning Hebrew, helping students comprehend texts without overloading them with too much information. Professors in seminary and university settings can adapt the book to either one-semester or full-year courses.

An accompanying website offers helpful resources for students and professors. Resources for students include flash cards and audio files. Resources for professors include sample quizzes, sample exams, sample lesson plans, and a full-color printed instructor’s manual.

For those who were using the pre-publication edition of this textbook, please contact Baker for a desk copy or to order for your courses.

For those who were using the older version, Biblical Hebrew: A Student Grammar, we are sorry to say that we can longer distribute it per our agreement with Baker.

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