Introducing “Beginning Biblical Hebrew” (videos)

Last November at SBL, John and I sat down to record a few videos introducing our textbook (Beginning Biblical Hebrew; see here), its pedagogical approach, and the supplementary materials we’ve made (or are planning).

 There are a few humorous backstory details, but the one I’ll share is that we did this at 8am after a poor night of sleep (I never sleep well in hotels). So, for me at least, keeping my eyes open was the first victory and stringing together coherent comments was the second.

Below are the videos for those who are interested.

Video #1: The Methodology/Pedagogy of BBH

Video #2: BBH the product of many years of testing

Video #3: Lessons and Format of BBH

Video #4: The BBH Instructor’s Manual and Other Teaching Resources

Video #5: The BBH Website

Video #6: The BBH Instructor Forum

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