Beginning Biblical Hebrew (BBH) is shipping!

Our new textbook, Beginning Biblical Hebrew: A Grammar and Illustrated Reader, is now shipping from Baker Academic (and presumably other booksellers). I received my author copies earlier this week and was holding the book with a mixture of pride (it’s really nicely sized, like a workbook should be, and the layout, type, and binding quality is excellent) and relief (it’s been 13 years since John and I began formally working on Hebrew textbook materials).

A couple months ago, I put a link to the textbook on the left sidebar that takes you to the Baker site for BBH. We describe the principles of our approach herehere, and here. We recognize that our pedagogy may require new effort, even for seasoned instructors. And this is why Baker enthusiastically agreed to host a web page for additional teaching materials to go with the textbook.

Yesterday I noticed that the folks at Baker have now added the pages for resources for students and instructors. For students, there are vocabulary flash cards and audio files. For instructors, already available are sample quizzes and exams (with exam answer keys). Coming soon will be sample lessons plans, vocabulary cards to print out for in-class games or drills, and a full instructor’s manual and answer key.

We hope those of you already using the textbook will find these resources useful. For those not yet using the textbook, we hope you’ll check it out. Perhaps knowing that we’re creating a significant support framework for using it in a highly-interactive, communicative, fun BH learning environment will encourage you.

6 Responses to “Beginning Biblical Hebrew (BBH) is shipping!”

  1. hdallaire Says:

    Congratulations Robert and John! Wonderful! I look forward to receive my copy.
    The manuscript of my Hebrew illustrated grammar went to Eerdmans at the end of June. I look forward to see the final product of that one too!!
    The best to both of you.

    • robertholmstedt Says:

      Thank you, Hélène!
      It seems that the Canadians have the largest market-share in the new direction for Hebrew textbooks, eh?
      I look forward to seeing what you’ve done with yours.

  2. Terry L Eves Says:

    Congradulations both of you! I look forward to working through the final version. It does look like the instructors link sends you to the same site as the student one however.

    • robertholmstedt Says:

      Thank you!
      I see now that the page address is the same; however, up in the top right there are two tabs, one for students and one for professors. If you click the professor tab, you’ll be taken to the information about teaching resources.

  3. Terry L Eves Says:

    Thanks Robert, I was pre-caffeinated!

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