Hebrew Textbooks: Update

Last August we announced here that our new textbook, Biblical Hebrew: An Illustrated Introduction (BHII), was entering into the testing stages and invited those interested in helping us in that process to contact us. The grammar has been well received through our test group and we have greatly benefited from their feedback on it.

Therefore we are happy to announce that we are now releasing the grammar in pdf form for use beyond the test group.

[links removed on July 5, 2012]

We are releasing the 2-volume BHII (Lessons and Readings) now and will follow them up later this summer with the completed instructor’s manual and also a draft of the intermediate Reader, tentatively titled Biblical Hebrew: An Illustrated Reader (BHIR), which will include the Elijah and Elisha stories in Kings.

At the same time, the manuscript will be going to the publisher shortly so that we can provide a professionally typeset, bound version, along with (we hope) many other supporting materials such as an epub version, hi-resolution pdfs of the illustrations for electronic presentation use, and professionally recorded audio to use along with the materials.

Note that the PDF files posted above have been optimized due to size concerns. Those who sign up at our forum for BHII (bhii.proboards.com) will have access this year to the full size files, which maintain a higher resolution for course printing and electronic presentation. (Please contact us at bibhebii-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com for access to the forum.)

Our previously completed grammar, Biblical Hebrew: A Student Grammar (BHSG), remains freely available in pdf form. Thanks to some sharp-eyed users it has gone through another pass of corrections this summer.

12 Responses to “Hebrew Textbooks: Update”

  1. Victor Says:

    As someone that is trying to study Hebrew on his own, I really appreciate your willingness to make these resources available for free at this stage.

    I have 2 other introductions to Biblical Hebrew, but without a tutor some of the material goes over my head, and if I have a question, nobody is there to answer it.

    I have quickly glanced over some of the book, and it seems clear and easy to follow.
    I am eager to dig in, and to further learn this wonderful language.
    May YHWH bless you greatly!

  2. Foreign_Native Says:

    It’s great to see people incorporating different modalities into language learning. The layout is beautiful. Great job!

  3. Dominik Helms Says:

    Yesterday I downloaded the Textbooks, an I am very impressed by the ideas I realized from a quick look at it. I look very much forward to work with these books …

  4. D.J.Zinkstok Says:


    Looking through your innovative grammar, do I miss part of the english-hebrew glossary, the part beyond the U ?
    Thanks for your impressive job.

    Dirk Jan Zinkstok, The Netherlands

  5. Stephen C. Lord Says:

    Is there an answer key to the Hebrew Illustrated Grammar?

    • robertholmstedt Says:

      Yes, we do have a draft Instructor’s Manual and Answer Key. At this time, though, we are not freely distributing it. Rather, it is available to the instructors who are actively using our textbook in their courses.

  6. Refe Tuma (@greekout) Says:

    Excellent work! I love the Readings, it is just what I’ve been looking for.

    One quick note: I’m not sure where you want typos submitted, but it looks like each of the headings of the Readings is listed with an א when I believe they should be listed each with their own letter. Only typos I’ve found so for.

    • robertholmstedt Says:

      Thank you!
      And yes, we invite typo reports. I will note that one and try to fix it (or have the layout editors fix it when it enters the publication process — hopefully soon).

  7. mhacleth Says:

    Thank you so much for these resources. :-)
    It helped me greatly in teaching Biblical Hebrew in our seminary.

    Mhac Janapin
    Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary
    Baguio City, Philippines

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